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Have a read of our FAQs about the Wireless Wizard Product

Wireless Wizard allows you to connect to your touchscreen from your computer, without any cables. You need the host (android) App installed on your interactive LED or you need a windows PC connected with the Windows Host installed.

On your computer (Win, MAC, Chrome) you need the Wireless Wizard App.

You need to have both the LED and the computer connected to the same network.

No, Wireless Wizard works over your local area network LAN.

Technically, no, you can do this over a wired ethernet connection to your computer and interactive LED. However, that would not remove all the cables so WIFI in the room is preferred.

Yes, you can try the software for 15 days before requiring a license to activate it

Your content does not leave you own internal network so it is as secure as your network!

It isn’t, we do not store any of your data. All your information is contained inside your own network, it never leaves

You need to make sure that your firewall allows the port that you have selected to use Wireless Wizard through. For more information, contact us.

No, if you have an interactive LED that runs an onboard Android OS, you are all set.

Interactive LED with on board Android or an Interactive LED with a small form factor PC connected

The Wireless Wizard Host installed

The Wireless Wizard App Installed

Both devices on the same network